Model No: Chinese Manufacture Automatic Control Y81 Series Hydraulic Scrap Metal Press Aluminum Baler Machine for Metal Press Recycling

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The Y81 Series hydraulic metal baler with closed extruded structure, high-strength wear plates and door cover with cutting blades, which could shear bulky scraps to be smaller as well as achieving precompaction. Each machine can be controlled manually or automatically.

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More than 25+ years of production experience, providing customized more than 3000+ sets scrap metal recycling schemes.


Place of Origin JIANGYIN, CHINA
Model Y81 Series
Hydraulic pressure 100-3000 Tons
Bale size 300 *300 mm or Custom
Chamber size 1200*600*700 mm or Custom
Out-bale way Forward out baleTurn out balePush out bale
Color Custom
Operation Manual or PLC control


Manufacture Automatic6
Manufacture Automatic3
Manufacture Automatic2

Production detail:

Hydraulic scrap metal press baler machine has good benefits for metal recycling industry. Nowadays, the shortage of available resources is a problem that every country is facing. No matter developing or developed countries, how to do best recycle is always a hot topic. So we design all kinds of hydraulic metal baler machine for our clients to deal with their scrap metal to meet our clients’ requirements.

Hydraulic metal baler could deal efficiently all kinds of metal scrap, steel shavings, steel sheet, aluminum,copper and other qualified charging squeezed into a rectangular, cylindrical, octagonal shape andother shapes to reduce the cost of transportation and smelting and can improve the speed of furnace.



●Hydraulic drive, smooth operation and no noise, fast extrusion speed, large extrusion force, compact block, not easy to disperse.

●Adopt standard steel plate and advanced welding technology, the mechanical parts are durable, low failure rate and long service life.

●A cooling system can be installed to improve the continuous operation of the equipment and reduce the failure rate. The cooling system can be divided into water cooling and air cooling.

● The cylinder seal adopts imported GRAI ring, which has good sealing performance and strong pressure resistance.

● Easy installation, small footprint, no foundation, foundation, etc. Simple operation, detachable, automatic mode.

●Cold extrusion does not change the metal material and improves the utilization rate.

● Coefficient is higher than the traditional hammer packaging, mechanical packaging, etc.


● Manual or PLC automatic control is easy to operate and maintain.

● Clients can choose electric power or diesel-driven generator machine, diesel drive machine can help you achieve mobile pressing metal.

●Our hydraulic metal baler machine can help you save labor, improve metal recovery, increase the selling price and improve the profit.

● It can help you save working place area, is beneficial to site management.

● Clients can customize packaging specifications and sizes according to their own needs for transportation or storage.

● It can help you reduce transportation cost, improve your working efficiency

Y81 Series Hydraulic Scrap Metal Press Baler Machine for Metal Press Recycling -1
Y81 Series Hydraulic Scrap Metal Press Baler Machine for Metal Press Recycling -2


Hydraulic Scrap Metal Baler Machine Details:

Hydraulic Scrap Metal Baler Machine Details1



Nominal Force(Ton)

Chamber  size(L×W) mm Bale size(L×W) mm Power(KW)


1200×700×600 300×300 15


1600×1000×800 400×400 22


1600×1200×800 400×400 2×18.5


2000×1400×900 500×500 2×22


3000×2500×1200 600×600 2×45


3500×3000×1300 700×700 3×45


3500×3000×1300 700×700 3×45


4000×3000×1400 800×800 4×45


Our Hydraulic Scrap Metal Baler Machine provide custom famous brand machine parts, we have been cooperating with many world-famous brand supplier, like SIEMENS, NOK OMRON, SCHNEIDER, CHINT, MITSUBISHI and so on for more than 10 years.



Our hydraulic metal baler machine is widely used in following industry:

● Metal recycling industry, our hydraulic metal baler machine can make the scrap metal into square bales,

● Scrap car dismantling industry, our hydraulic metal baler machine is widely used for pressing scrap car body.

● Metal foundry and smelting industries, some industrial scrap metal or metal chip during production can be pressed.

● Hardware industry. Some scrap metal products can be pressed by our hydraulic metal baler machine.

● Machinery processing industry. Packaging and compaction of scrap, debris, powder and other metal materials is of great help to the workshop environment, waste recycling and human resource utilization.


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We will use wrapped film packaging and wooden packaging to protect our hydraulic scrap metal baler machine.


Watch Hydraulic Metal Baler Machine for Metal Recycling in Action!

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